Fundraising is the most important part of supporting non-profit organizations.  Please take a moment to support these efforts to benefit two amazing organizations that do so much for children in orphan and foster care globally. 


Dollars 4 duffels

Providing duffel bags for children in care that include: A book or coloring book, blanket, stuffed animal or pillow and a hygiene kit.  No child should have to transport their possessions in trash bags.

Both of our children experienced the trash bag transport during their time in care - the only thing that belongs in a trash bag is trash.  

Please support our efforts to provide 100 bags to children in care.


fostering life fostering love

Custom clothing line created to raise money for America's Kids Belong and Tennessee Kids Belong.  

ALL proceeds will be donated to America's Kids Belong - Uniting government, faith-based, businesses and creative communities to end the foster care rising in the United States - state by state.