Growing in life and love

Admittedly I was never the best at listening to adults, I always thought that I knew better. Then I became an adult, and have a teenage daughter … I should have listened more. Over the past several years I have followed and listened to God over anyone else. I have spent time in prayer, more so than ever before. In 2006 I met my daughter and fell in love instantly, God gave me that moment… and the patience to wait over a year for her to be placed in our home. 9 years later, I fell in love again… this time with a little red headed boy. His perfect little 6 1/2 year old self walked through our door, shook our hands and stole our hearts.

The transition from one to two wasn’t easy, nor was K & C’s becoming siblings… that was a disaster for almost a year BUT here we are 3 years later and while they fight with each other often, they would also fight FOR each other any day.

Here we are … another monumentous moment in our family. We are growing again! This time it has been completely different. This time it’s private. This time there are faces to our birth families. This time we aren’t dealing with DCS. This time isn’t about visitations and TPR, therapists and social workers. This time, it’s a positive situation that is full of love and hope. This time, we are hopeful in a different way. This time we are entering into this together… all 4 of us! Here we go!