Laundry Room

When we built our new home I thought that I would LOVE our laundry room based on the model.  It was right off the garage/mudroom so I wouldn't have dirt tracked through the house, it had a large counter for organizing and folding, and it was a nice sized room, bigger than our last for sure.  Turns out the builder (or the person that designed this laundry room is clearly a man!  I can't close the door if the washer is even with the dryer, and yes that small thing annoys me to no end, the metal shelf has grates so things fall through all the time.  Due to the size and location of the dryer versus my amazing counter its rendered virtually useless because the room is so miserably small.  Its just not a functional room in my opinion.  I decided to take this non functional room and add some life into it.  Again, my husband was gone for 2 weeks so I did this as a surprise to him.

First of all... I went through ALL of the partial gallons of paint that we have to pick a color.  I didn't see a reason to buy new paint if it was unnecessary.  I chose the same blue from my daughters room, we did add a little white to it and was able to lighten it just enough you wouldn't notice.  Then I had to take down the metal shelf that was in there.  That in itself was a nightmare.  The shelf was held with something that wasn't a normal screw that I am used to so I basically had to pull 7 drywall anchors out of the wall ... and deal with the damage left behind.  After a bit of spackle and a whole lot of sanding the wall was ready to be painted.

I fell in love with the blue as it really did brighten up the small space quite well.  One big issue I faced was again, the size of the room.  I needed to move the washer & dryer in order to paint behind them... that was NO easy task and I wore a lot of paint in the process.  Then off to Lowes to purchase shelving.  I knew the idea I was working with and the approximate weight of laundry detergent, fabric softener and decor so I needed to ensure whatever I got would withstand the weight.  I chose to do shelves that sit ON TOP of L brackets.  The L brackets have an approximate weight held of 80lbs so I knew that would work.  

I got the shelves up (after an additional trip to Lowes because the 1st guy sold me the wrong size L brackets), then off to Kirklands to use my discounts and coupons. I picked up this cute laundry basket and 2 cotton balls for the top shelf, then I purchased the glass jars for my laundry products.  Lastly I ordered 3 images off of Etsy to have printed and hung.  I haven't gotten the last items hung... hand surgery has made this impossible until next weekend.

What I obtained/purchased:

  • Paint - already had it!
  • Shelves - 2 8' shelves $7.10 each
  • 6 L Brackets - $37 total
  • Basket - Kirklands $15
  • Cotton Balls - $18
  • Glass Jars - with Spigots $22.99  Without $10
laundry room after.jpg