Kids Rooms

My kids are both as different as they can be.  Its a joy of parenting and one I am overly blessed to have to handle daily.

Over the past 12 years, our daughter has had 4 bedroom sets ranging from Ikea to Pottery Barn, all purchased on Craigslist or similar.  She is now 14, pretty simple in her decorating style but is obsessed with the color blue.  This luckily includes all hues of blues and includes turquoise/teals.  Her room was a joint effort and turned out perfectly suited for her.  Also, we were able to utilize art and decor we already had.  We moved things around to give them a different look, and removed things that were more "Childish".  She was given a new comforter that incorporated all her shades of blue.

I obtained/purchased:

  • Headboard for her bed. (FREE!) Painted with white paint we already had.
  • Dresser (BST, already painted $25)
  • Paint (2 gallons, 2 separate colors of blue $37.76)
  • Wings (BST $15)

Total: $77.76

C room before.jpg


Now my sons room was a bit different.  He is 9, still loves Spiderman and the color green.  So with him, we wanted to give him a whole new BIG BOY feel to his room without doing TOO much change because he does not respond well to it.  I chose to do this while he was at camp.  Mainly so I was able to downsize and organize without him getting overwhelmed.  
With his room I made very few purchases but rather did a lot of repurposing from items we already had and were not using. Additionally, his room took a lot of spackle!  He is one that loves to hang things up.. he will use whatever he finds to make this possible therefore I probably covered about 200 holes in his room.  With this information we decided to use a galvanized metal (matched his monogram letters) and allow him the opportunity to use MAGNETS to hang whatever he wants!  When my husband gets home he will make a frame to go around it, just to add some additional color to that wall.   I was able to provide him with the big boy room he always wanted.  

I obtained /purchased: 

  • Full size bed (from our guest room but had been in storage)
  • Galvanized Metal (2x4 piece from Lowes $24.98)
  • Curtains (Amazon $39.99)
  • Sheets (Target $19.99)
  • Paint (1 gallon white & 1 Gallon Green after discount and rebate $28.56 total)

Total: $132.52

C rooom after.jpg