Master Bedroom Update

room refresh.jpg


I love the instant gratification of painting or decorating however I do not enjoy the price tag with total room overhauls.  I follow some amazing and inspirational people on IG but when I see the price tag of the items they are suggesting I simply cringe.  A $300 sitting chair for a kids bedroom, $150 for a comforter, etc. don't seem like they would be realistic price tags for most people.  

The average person changes up a room in their house ever 2-3 years.  If your spending hundreds of dollars per piece every time, that is almost impossible for the average person.  I would rather repurpose things in a different room, paint them or look for a deal (thrift stores, Craigslist, Buy Sell Trade Pages) before I spend hundreds of dollars on any one room in our house... especially our kids rooms.   

Recently I redid 4 rooms in our house for less than $100 a piece!  That included 2 kids rooms, our master bedroom and the laundry room.  The next few posts will be about each of my recent room refresh/redecorations.


Master Bedroom - Total $132.55

This room has been the same since we moved in to our house 3 years ago.  It's never been my favorite but was somewhat functional.  We always wanted a room that was relaxed, more of a sanctuary than the place that collected everything in cleaning moments.  

I replaced

  • The curtains (Amazon Deal of the Day, $29.99)
  • Comforter (Amazon, $39.99)
  • Copper Baskets (60% off at Michaels, $8 each)
  • Terrariums (10% off at Home Depot & free succulents, total $35.57)

I moved existing pictures to one wall.  I liked the stacked appearance of them better.  I then took the rose gold baskets and turned them sideways (think more like shelves) and tied the terrariums inside to let them hang.  Put up the new BLACK OUT curtains and comforter... voila.  I will say the curtains were amazing for their price however the comforter is pretty cheaply made, definitely will not keep us warm in the winter but serves the purpose of looking nice in the room.

Master after.jpg