Schools OUT!

We are officially on summer vacation... the kids are over the moon that they have 3 months off.  Mommy, well lets just say I may be a tiny bit LESS enthusiastic.  We have made some decisions on things to do over the summer, 1 being a road trip cross country.  YES.. 3 kids and a dog for thousands of miles.  I wanted to make memories with my kids this summer... I don't want another 

The past several years have brought a desire to write a book.  I started one in 2010 when my husband was deployed, I was so proud of all of my work however never completed it out of fear that it wouldn't be received well or that it wasn't good.  I put it on a thumb drive and didn't look back.  My own insecurities over took my work.  Since then I have thought of going back to finish what I started however I consistently get in my own way.  I have intimate knowledge of domestic violence, sexual assault, infertility, foster care, adoption, mental illness and military life... I'm blessed to have been dealt such an interesting hand.  It's my opportunity to hit blackjack or lose to the house.  I chose to hit 21 every time.

This summer I have a few goals... 

1.  Keep my house clean (this is worth the goal)

2. Finish a project furniture piece

3.  Finish my book