Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Over the past several years, living in the moment has made the plan harder to see.  When you are living it, how can you possible understand that there is a plan for your pain.  I am a big picture person, I don't just look at the specific moment but rather every single thing that moment can create through a ripple effect.  My brain is always overwhelmed at seeing every angle, that sometimes I forget the 'now' part.  

I know that living our life forward is what we are supposed to do and we shouldn't be looking backwards but it's in the looking backwards that we often see the pieces of His plan fitting together.  It's amazing when you look back at your life and see some of the WHY's you were so sure were a mistake but yet how they've been woven into some of the most wonderful moments yet there are still others you haven't quiet seen a reason for yet.  Right now we are in the midst of a great challenge, I cannot see the other side nor am I able to see the why in our pain.  I know that some day I may understand better, I may never learn the why but hopefully I can gain some understanding of the lesson in our pain.


Have you looked back to see the beauty from your pain?  Can you possibly understand your current struggles now?