The Abyss of my kids rooms...

We currently have 5 kids... that's 4 rooms of complete chaos (and that's on a good day!)

With spring upon us I am transitioning their rooms (the best that Tennessee weather will allow!).  Here are some of my tips for decluttering & transitioning your kids rooms to Spring... and clean!

  1. Take their winter clothes out and pack them away.  We have plastic containers for each child, with their name & size on the outside to store.  **Sidenote, we are also foster parents so the size is extremely important for our next placements, and my ease in locating late at night when the calls come in.
  2. BINS BINS BINS!  The twins room is perfect for toddlers.  They have a stuffed animal bin and a toy bin.  Both they are perfectly happy to help dump AND clean up.  The playroom, same thing.  We have bins for ALL the toys and that makes cleanup faster and organization easier.  We prefer these bins for the rooms and these for the playroom.  For the twins room & the playroom I will only get soft sided items because I try to avoid injuries with clumsy toddlers.
  3. BOOKS - These will be the death of me most days.  Every child is at a different reading level, my daughter and son are TOTAL book hoarders and we often run out of space.  I usually go into their rooms, while they are at school, remove the books that they no longer read (but I am sure are not favorites), organize the area and donate the old books.  Some times, our son will pass his books down to our littles, like he currently is, but I cannot count on that.

What are your TOP 3 ways to declutter your kids rooms?


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