Friday Find


I never wanted to be one of "those" moms that had random nonsense in her purse at all times.  I wanted to be that cool mom with the designer purse that only housed my lipstick, compact and wallet.  I wanted to be that put together mom that had the perfectly packed diaper bag, the clean and organized car and seemingly had it all together.  


Well... reality is that I am 'THAT' mom.  yesterday I cleaned out my purse and found kids snacks, 10 lip glosses, 75 coupons, 2 mismatched socks, earrings and my Mrs. Tennessee sash (have sash, will travel!).  My diaper bag is pretty organized, mainly because it's rarely used and my car... well it looks like I have 5 kids, 18+ visits a month, work, pageant responsibilities, soccer and life.  I could worry, let it get to me or just live my life as officially THAT MOM.

So my Friday find is simple... I found my favorite earrings and my favorite lip gloss in my purse.  I honestly thought I lost them forever!  What the the thing you have recently FOUND?