What is Foster Care?


I've sat and thought on this a lot ... here is my thoughts on what foster care really is and what we do.   

12 years ago I became a foster mom to grow my family, I had my own fears of being a round robin foster home.  How would my heart ever be able to handle saying "Good Bye" to a child that I had cared for.  As I have grown up I have realized that each child we meet deserves my heart to hurt in saying good bye because that means they were loved so much while being with us.  

We foster love for children who's parents just can't right now.

We foster an environment that may include mentoring parents and families to reunify with their children.

We foster stability for a child that may never have had it.

We foster boundaries that need to be set for the sanity and safety of everyone involved.

Foster care is snuggles and laughter,

Foster care is healing scared hearts that just don't understand.

Foster care is doctors appointments,

Foster care is birth family phone calls and visits

Foster care is immense tears and hugs that can last hours.

Foster care is full of HIGH emotions (theirs & ours), ones that don't always make sense but are still just as valid.

Foster care is heart breaking but heart fulfilling all at once.

Foster care can be extremely lonely because so many just don't understand.

Foster care includes Our kids, foster or adopted are OUR KIDS.

Kids in foster care are not scary,

Kids in foster care are not dangerous

Kids in foster care are just kids like yours.

Kids in foster care may have seen things yours couldn't grasp

Kids in foster care have experienced a level of pain and loss that maybe yours havent.

Kids in foster care are KIDS and just want to be treated as such.

Foster parents have full hearts and hands.

Foster parents are regular people that just want to love a few more people.

Foster parents are tired, stressed and often lonely.

Foster parents need a night out once in awhile too.

Foster parents need a tribe of people that can just get it.