I am not a fan of resolutions because, I feel like, just that word sets me up to fail.  My goal/vision for 2018 includes some serious simplification of our life.  I want to ensure that I set time aside for myself, my devotionals, my husband, my children, in addition to becoming a bit more organized.  These are all things that I feel like I have been slacking on as of late.  I always have great plans on how I am going to be everything to everyone but that just isn't an option.
As a mom, wife, woman, we think we can do it all... we can handle everything that everyone throws at us with a smile all while having perfect hair, makeup and wardrobe.  I have lived that mental life for years and all it's done is drive me crazy.  I am not perfect, nor do I have it all together... I actually had to question WHAT the spot was on my shirt the other day (dirt, boogers, slobber, etc).  I have lived with my hair in a messy bun for months and makeup has been questionable.  I am trying, that is what counts I think.  Everyone is healthy, happy (well, the 13 year old girl is questionable) and fed.  But are ANY ONE'S needs being met?  Am I giving enough time to each child, am I helping with homework enough or snuggling enough, am I talking to each enough or reading enough ... am I enough?
Right now, as you may know, we are fostering 3 little ones in addition to our 2.  Having a total of 5 kids has added a huge dynamic change to our life, a significant amount of extra laundry, grocery shopping and overall cleaning... on top of visitation, phone calls, court and simply time and attention.  In addition to our beautiful children, I work outside the home and have my responsibilities as Mrs. Tennessee International.  Each child deserves one on one time, each child craves alone time with mom & dad, or all alone in their rooms.  Some days I am up all night trying to figure out our calendar and others I want to hide with a tube of cookie dough and forget all about responsibilities and be done adulting.  


With all of this being said, what is your best advice for someone simplifying their life?  I will be cutting down on my social media time, organizing my days a little better ... what else?  I follow a great blog called Simplify Live Love and here are some of their tips for organizing your family.