Life Books


When you had your child did you start a baby book for him or her?  Most parents do, at least for their 1st child, however for a child in foster care these may not ever be seen or done.  A Life Book is an amazing way that a foster family can chronical the life of a child(ren) in their care.  Whether these children are reunified or adopted, a child will have a running tally of their life.  A life book is a very important tool to a foster or adopted child. It holds their life story, a story that sometimes gets lost when a child moves from placement to placement. Some foster care agencies require that foster homes create a life book for each of their foster children. While it seems like a huge job to pull together a child’s whole story, here are steps to take to get started creating a life book.

Neither one of our children had a life book.  I started a scrapbook for K but honestly spent more time parenting than worrying about it... she just got her first photo book from age 2-4 last Christmas, I am a little behind.  C's previous foster home "misplaced" his so again I started from scratch when he came to us.  I just started the littles books, regardless of where they go I want them to know they were loved when they were with us.

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