Snow day!

snow 2.jpg


I grew up in the snow, I taught skiing and snowboarding to children through high school, I learned to drive in the ice in a manual transmission jeep, so when I hear that "the snow is coming" I get very excited.  We spent much of last week anticipating a snow storm, businesses and schools were closing for "impending inclement weather" ... my kids and I were so excited.  Then it happened ... NOTHING happened.  There was some rain, then a smattering of what appeared to be snow, then the ice.  No sledding or snowball fights, just bitter cold and wet.  What did we do instead?  Well ... we danced and giggled, we watched movies and cuddled.  Grant made some amazing chicken stew in the crock-pot and we all just hung out.  

Hanging out with 5 kids is loud, chaotic and not ALWAYS rainbows and butterflies, sometimes it sounds more like grenades dropping upstairs, blood curdling screams and a bevy of tattle tailing that makes every mom cringe.  While Friday night was a bit rough, late naps and all, Saturday night will forever be a favorite for us.  There was significant dancing, some singing, several games of 'Ring around the Rosie', and enough laughing to make my eyes water and my stomach hurt.  Those are the moments that I hope all of these children will remember; moments that make a parent want to just stop and take it all in but choose not to so you can keep living it, moments that you can all forget the trauma and just be 'normal'.