1st Month and counting

Our new littles have been with us for a little over a month now.  They have taught us so much.  Here is a run down of our first 30 days as a family of 5.

  • The call came, we said yes …. And then we waited for HOURS before their sweet, yet exhausted, faces showed up.
  • Learning each other hasn’t necessarily been the easiest process.  We have all had meltdowns, tears, anger and time outs.  I am not above the fear, the pain and the magnitude of this entire process; so yes, I take time outs for myself to collect my thoughts and be reminded that I am not dealing with normal littles.  These children have had experiences that no child should at their age therefore they lash out in ways that may be different from another child.
  • Doctors’ appointments, lots and lots of Dr appointments!  When a child comes into care there are many things that they need to do in order to ensure that the children are healthy.
  • Court hearings & team meetings  - There are a lot of people involved in ensuring that children in DCS custody (foster care) are safe, cared for and that their birth parents have all tools needed to reunify with their children.
  • Visitations & phone calls
  • Sick babies – from colds & coughs, boogers to the flu, we have experienced it all in the past 30 days.
  • The holidays – well-loved littles ones definitely saw the joys of the Christmas season.
  • Some regression on the part of our children - When we add littles, Christopher is usually the one to struggle the most.  He takes a bit to find his footing and be reminded that he is MY little man, he is OUR son and he isn't going anywhere.  Right now we are dealing with some regression on his part.  Talking like a baby, being defiant, thriving on baby toys, etc.  We are working through that as well.


So there we are ... 30 days in the life of littles, one tired foster momma ... and 7 people in our home.  Beautiful Chaos!